What are the changes between the two models, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 VS Fold

Sep 03.2020Phones written by Ionut Tutica
Samsung has revealed the specifications of the second version of its folding smartphone. We now have a chance to compare the two devices and highlight all the changes made by the Korean manufacturer.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a new update of the first Galaxy Fold model, which was launched in 2019, after many delays due to design issues.

Lets start with the dimensions of the two devices. Open, the Galaxy Fold offers dimensions of 160.9 x 117.9 x 7.6 mm, while the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone measures 159.2 x 128.2 x 6.9 mm. Clearly, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is shorter and thinner.

Attention has been paid to the hinge, and the new smartphone can now be unfolded in several angles to put on a table, to watch content or to film alone without touching the device. Galaxy Fold offered only two positions: open or closed.

The front screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 now measures 6.2 inches compared to 4.6 inches on the Galaxy Fold. The too small screen was the main criticism of the first folding model. Now the Galaxy Z Fold 2 screen covers almost the entire front panel.

What are the changes between the two models, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 VS Fold - screenshot 01

For the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the main screen has a size of 7.6 inches, while the foldable screen of the Galaxy Fold had a diagonal of 7.3 inches. It also offers 120 Hz refresh compared to 60 Hz for the previous Galaxy Fold.

The inner camera of the Galaxy Fold has disappeared from the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung preferred a perforated screen, which offers a much larger display area.

In terms of processor, Samsung goes from Snapdragon 855 which is on the first model, to a Snapdragon 865+ processor for the new model. Galaxy Z Fold 2 has 12 GB of RAM, just like its predecessor and only 256 GB of disk space, while Galaxy Fold offered 512 GB of storage space.

The foldable Galaxy Z Fold 2 battery reaches 4,500 mAh, while the Galaxy Fold has a 4380 mAh battery.

What are the changes between the two models, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 VS Fold - screenshot 02

Galaxy Fold offered a triple camera module, which includes a 12-megapixel wide angle, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and an ultra-large 16-megapixel angle. For the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung keeps these three cameras, but this time it offers 12 megapixel sensors.

Inside the smartphone, the camera now included in a perforated screen remains the same for the two models, and is a 10 megapixel sensor.

The innovation brought by Galaxy Z Fold 2 makes it possible to take selfies with the main module of the triple camera, by opening the smartphone and using the front screen to frame and press the shutter button.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 manages to fix many of the problems that users had with the original - but the price is still very high.
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