Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 in action, DOOM game at 4K resolution with 68 FPS

Sep 04.2020Gaming written by Razvan Iancu
Are you looking forward to seeing the new RTX 3080 video card from Nvidia in action? To make you wait, Nvidia posted a video.

While we wait for the new RTX 3080 video card to appear on the market, Nvidia was kind enough to publish a video on its YouTube account where we see the DOOM game, in all its splendor, displayed in 4K, at maximum speed.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 in action, DOOM game at 4K resolution with 68 FPS - screenshot 01

Nvidia, which is the most famous video card manufacturer, organizes a duel between the current RTX 2080 Ti card and the newest RTX 3080 video card.

As you can see from the posted video, the DOOM game runs in 4K, but Nvidia does not specify which API is used, be it DirectX 12 Ultimate or API Vulkan !? We think its about Vulkan, because running images per second is pretty good.

As a reminder, the GeForce RTX 30 series, based on the Ampere architecture, should be available for sale in mid-September.

RTX 3080 will be sold starting September 17 at a price of $ 699 and will be followed by the RTX 3090 model which for the first time will have a new cooling system and will cost around $ 1560. And finally, the RTX 3070 model, more accessible to the general public, will have its launch scheduled for October at a price of $ 519. graphics card rtx3080
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