Internet via space, Starlink, could exceed 100 Mbit/s

Sep 04.2020Science written by Iulia Dupu
Once the Starlink series satellites are in space and positioned on coordinates - SpaceX opens the door to online video games.

SpaceX tested, for the first time, an inter-satellite laser link, making it possible to transfer hundreds of gigabytes per second.

On September 3, SpaceX successfully sent 60 new Starlink satellites into space. This low-orbit constellation, which aims to provide people with very fast internet, now exceeds 700 devices. It should quickly reach 1,600 devices for commissioning in early 2022.

The company took advantage of this 12th Starlink launch to give some results in the first performance tests.

According to SpaceX - the first results are good. The Starlink network has already exceeded 100 Mbit/s in downlink speed, and the latency would be - very low.
Its enough to play the fastest online video games and stream multiple HD movies at once, explains Kate Tice, an engineer at SpaceX.

Internet via space, Starlink, could exceed 100 Mbit/s - screenshot 01

Currently, the service is in beta and only employees can benefit from this technology, but a beta testing phase for the general public should begin before the end of the year. Users who want and are interested in testing new technologies are invited to register online on a waiting list.

SpaceX also tested, for the first time, a laser link between two Starlink satellites. With these space lasers, Starlink satellites have managed to transfer hundreds of gigabytes of data per second. Once these space lasers are fully implemented, Starlink will be one of the fastest options available for transferring data worldwide.

But these statements must be taken with caution. According to ArsTechnica, anonymous people recently posted performance tests of the Starlink network online. Latency ranged from 20 to 75 ms, and data rates ranged from 30 to 60 Mbit/s. STARLINK MISSION
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