How to make the smallest iMac equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4

Sep 22.2020Hardware written by Iulian Dinita
A Raspberry Pi and a 7-inch screen, which are assembled in a box the size of a Red Bull, here is an unusual result.

It is known that the Raspberry Pi development board allows many creations. Thus, a multitude of projects can be realized, from the DIY motorized microscope based on Raspberry Pi and Lego, to the decoder that allows the reception and transmission of Morse signals. Now, the Raspberry Pi can be proud to be the heart of the smallest iMac in the world.

You can imagine that this project is not an achievement of the Cupertino company. Its authors name is Michael Pick, and he is known on the Internet as The Casual Engineer. He made the small case for the 3D printer and mounted a Raspberry Pi 4 - 4GB and a 7-inch screen. The project is no bigger than a box of Red Pull.

Despite its small size, the machine is fully functional and is especially capable of running Minecraft 3D at 1,000 frames per second, according to its creator.

How to make the smallest iMac equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4 - screenshot 01

One of the main obstacles in the development of such a project is to install all the components in such a small space. To accomplish this, Michael Pick had to make room, removing two of the four USB ports, as well as the GbE port in the Raspberry Pi.

The project developer placed a small dongle on one of the USB ports to connect a keyboard and a wireless mouse. External connectivity is limited to a USB 2.0 and USB-C port, the latter being used to power the device.

To maintain proper operating temperatures and thus avoid overheating, Michael Pick eventually developed his own cooling system, installed a radiator on the CPU, and positioned a small fan to provide airflow to the rear.

And finally, the project was completed by installing a Linux distribution called iRaspbian, which offers a Mac interface with Dock, Launcher and even MacOS wallpapers, which complement the imitation of the iMac. - raspberry pi enables worlds smallest iMac
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