Antivirus comparison, which is the best antivirus on the market?

Aug 24.2020Security written by Ionut Tutica
At a time when the challenges of computer security have never been so important to Internet users, antivirus solution developers are working hard to improve their security solutions and develop new additional features, such as VPNs.

Do you need to install an antivirus?

In the face of growing computer threats, it now seems difficult to protect targets and privacy without the help of security solutions. Even experienced users cannot avoid certain types of increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Computer attacks, which are particularly difficult to detect, infect computers with harmful tasks by exploiting security holes on websites, software or servers. These are just a few examples of countless services and software that are victims of cyber attacks.

Internet users are threatened on all sides by multiple variants of malware and other forms of threats that continue to wreak havoc such as phishing, spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, malicious applications.

These 'pests' propose to infect connected computers to steal confidential information, to take control of a remote computer, to encrypt personal data to demand redemption from their owner, the so-called ransomware and many other damages that can be caused to users.

No security software can fully guarantee that your data is safe, but most antivirus solutions on the market can significantly minimize the risk.

Bitdefender Total Security Antivirus
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Every year, the Romanian developer of computer security solutions is positioned on the first place of the podium of the best antiviruses. Based on its features, customer service and prices, the Bitdefender Total Security suite is almost flawless at all levels.

Described as an exceptional product by independent testing labs, Bitdefender offers optimal protection and increased comfort in use. Able to operate in total autonomy due to its autopilot mode, it is an ideal protection for beginners, instead, experts have access to many settings to configure each module.

Pro features
+ Complete and ultra reliable protection
+ Web and console interface
+ Performance
Disadvantages of software
- Disappointment of the password manager
- VPN limited to 200MB/day


Kaspersky Total Security Antivirus
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Kaspersky software is suspected of links to the Russian government, and has been banned by authorities in many countries, including the United States. Russian developers remain in the security race, continuing to improve their Kaspersky Total Security suite, which is still among the best on the market.

The Russian developer leaves absolutely nothing to chance and deserves for many reasons to appear at the top of this list and many developers should follow Kaspersky's example for every detail of his security suite. But, as in previous years, the developer has problems due to lack of commercial competitiveness, and presents excessively expensive offers, unsuitable for current demand.

Pro features
+ High performance general protection
+ Wealth and functional quality
+ Advanced web portal
Disadvantages of software
- High prices for a limited number of devices
- iOS protection non-existent
- Major functions reserved for the premium version


F-Secure TOTAL Antivirus
Antivirus comparison, which is the best antivirus on the market? - screenshot 03
The Finnish publisher differentiates itself from most of its competitors by integrating an unlimited VPN solution into its antivirus suite. The promise of F-Secure TOTAL is to protect all platforms against all types of online and offline threats.

The Finnish developers have decided to come to market with a complete solution that combines several quality services, but sold so far separately, including SAFE antivirus, VPN Freedome and password manager. Unlike most of its competitors, the developer decided to integrate the VPN solution without restrictions and at the same time maintaining reasonable prices. For all these reasons, F-Secure TOTAL is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive premium solutions of the moment.

Pro features
+ Premium protection
+ Easy to use
+ Unlimited good quality VPN
Disadvantages of software
- Minimalist interface
- Limited parental control
- Lack of a home firewall


Norton 360 Premium
Antivirus comparison, which is the best antivirus on the market? - screenshot 04
It's the best family suite. The Norton 360 Premium security suite from US developer NortonLifeLock, formerly Symantec, has some serious arguments. Equipped with a simple and easy-to-use interface, it combines one of the best multilayer protections with a particularly rich range of functions and features.

Norton 360 Premium is a security suite that covers up to 10 devices on all platforms from Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, it is still one of the safest and most suitable antivirus solutions for family use. In addition to an arsenal of defensive shields, capable of blocking all types of threats, it stands out for its unmatched functional richness in the market, especially with an unlimited VPN, a 75 GB cloud storage space or even a password manager.

Pro features
+ Complete and ultra reliable protection
+ Unlimited VPN
+ Simple and efficient interface
+ Up to 10 devices (premium version)
+ 100% guarantee against viruses
Disadvantages of software
- Minimalist web console
- Little educational information and personalization options


Avira Prime
Antivirus comparison, which is the best antivirus on the market? - screenshot 05
German developers come up with a premium offer, Avira Prime, which has serious advantages. For many years, this security solution has been in the first place in terms of virus detection but still works with an interface and ergonomics that can still be improved.

The Avira anti-virus suite offers excellent multi-layer protection on all platforms. The new non-binding Avira Prime rental offer can be interesting for those who want to combine an unlimited VPN with an antivirus suite. Without some defensive shields but with most additional features, the basic version of Avira Antivirus Pro is far from the level of market leaders such as Norton, Bitdefender or Kaspersky.

Pro features
+ Monthly subscriptions without commitment
+ Highly reliable proactive detection motors
+ Unlimited Phantom VPN
Disadvantages of software
- Additional functions that are not integrated
- Disappointment of the password manager
- Prohibitive prices
- Impact on the system
- Ergonomics


ESET Smart Security Premium
Antivirus comparison, which is the best antivirus on the market? - screenshot 06
Lightweight, powerful and ultra-reliable, the ESET Smart Security Premium security suite is one of the best possible protections for Windows. It's no coincidence that Google has asked ESET to manage the protection of its Chrome browser and, more recently, its Google Play Store.

ESET Smart Security Premium, through its remarkable software optimization, proves to be the most powerful security suite on the market, with almost minimal impact on the operating system, including during scans. Ideal for expert users, as it is full of advanced features and settings to adjust and customize defenses down to the smallest detail. However, the ESET solution still suffers from a lack of an iOS version and popular features such as VPN.

Pro features
+ The best performance on the market
+ Very effective multilayer protection
+ Almost zero impact on system performance
+ Advanced remediation tools
Disadvantages of software
- Few additional functions
- High prices
- No iOS app

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