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A browser that meets all the needs of users.
Vivaldi for Android was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu

Vivaldi for Android is a powerful and customizable browser, based on Chromium and is designed to be fast, giving access to your favorite sites through a quick call.

The browser has a banner to the left of the main window that allows you to activate Vivaldi for Android Mail, your address book, download history, a note-taking function that allows you to take a screenshot and include a comment.

uses the traditional tabbed system to manage the various sites open in the browser, but also offers stacked groups for the pages of the same site.

The Vivaldi for Android web browser includes a system known as shortcuts. It allows you to access and customize all keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to navigate Vivaldi for Android. This way, you can switch between tabs, change pages while remaining in full screen mode, or open a new window with just the keyboard.

Remember, the strong point of the Vivaldi for Android browser is the management of privacy. The browser does not collect unnecessary data, synchronization information between devices is transmitted with end-to-end encryption, and private browsing mode does not store cookies or temporary files on your computer.

In conclusion, this browser is addressed to both fans of total customization and internet addicts. Even if you feel comfortable with your regular browser, nothing prevents you from trying Vivaldi for Android, the experience should not be limited to Firefox or Chrome!

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+ Vivaldi for Android has been in our software catalog since Jun 08.2020.
+ The current version is 3.5.2115.63 updated to Dec 04.2020.
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Great browser, heading into the right direction. Overall, a fantastic and enjoyable browser to use. Quite honestly, its a nice change from what we have now and I like that a lot.
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Great Potential. Its actually very good and getting better all the time with each new technical preview release, since the most recent release I now use it as my main browser now
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