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May 31.2020Version: 1.2b
Twist for Android allows you to organize your team's work and communications so you can work more productively.
Twist for Android was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

In order to be able to work remotely, there must be an effective communication system that allows teams to work much more efficiently. And this is where the Twist for Android software was born.

Twist for Android is a collaborative work platform with which you create virtual teams, which can be private or public, work and in which you add contacts of your choice.

This platform will help us to organize all our conversations on the proposed topics, so that they are always clearly structured and accessible in one place. Moreover, no part of the proposed work is lost, even when the team member responsible for the task leaves the company.

Twist for Android also lets you share text and multimedia files. Because the software is cross-platform, participants in the same conversation can exchange in real time, regardless of the device or operating system used.

In conclusion, if you are looking for software with which you can organize your company's communications, Twist for Android gives you exactly what you are looking for. Connect to your team using a single application with a clean and easy-to-use interface.
More information about Twist for Android
- Twist for Android has been in our software catalog since May 31.2020 and has reached 4 downloads.
- The current version is 1.2b and has been updated to May 31.2020.
Twist for Android features

* Create topics to archive conversations and chats for specific projects.
* Send messages to announce only certain team members.
* Attach files for easy access and search.
* Send messages directly to one or more people.
* Inform team members, customers and suppliers.

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