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Aug 07.2020Version: 1.0.336
A free and easy-to-use application that lets you sync and manage all the notes you take.
Joplin for Android was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu

Keep track of your day-to-day activities based on this open-source note-taking and note-taking app, which also has synchronization capabilities.

Joplin for Android is a free application that is able to manage and manage a large number of notes organized within a synchronized manager. All the notes you take can be instantly synced via Dropbox, OneDrive, Webdav and Nextcloud. When notes, notebooks, labels, and other metadata are synchronized, they are saved in plain text files that can be easily inspected, copied, and moved.

Also, notes are stored in Markdown format and can be searched, edited, tagged, directly in Joplin for Android or using any text editor.

Please note that all data stored in Joplin for Android is encrypted to ensure the integrity of the information. As in Evernote, the application gives you the ability to synchronize notes on different devices, be it smartphones, tablets or computers with various operating systems.

The application is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android
More information about Joplin for Android
- Joplin for Android has been in our software catalog since Jul 09.2020 and has reached 1 downloads.
- The current version is 1.0.336 and has been updated to Aug 07.2020.
Joplin for Android features

* Desktop, mobile and terminal applications.
* Web Clipper for Firefox and Chrome.
* End To End Encryption (E2EE)
* Notes history (revisions)
* Sync with various services, including Nextcloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and OneDrive.
* Import Enex files (Evernote export format) and Markdown files.
* Export JEX files (Joplin Export format) and raw files.
* Support notes, doses, labels and notebooks.
* Goto Anything function.
* Sort notes by several criteria - title, updated time, etc.
* Support for alarms (notifications) in mobile and desktop applications.
* Disconnected first, so all data is always available on the device even without an internet connection.
* Bookmarks, which are played back with images and formatting in desktop and mobile applications. Support for additional features such as math notation and checkboxes.
* File attachment support - images are displayed and other files are linked and can be opened in the relevant application.
* Search functionality.
* Geo-location assistance.

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