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IDrive for Android

Mar 20.2021Version: 4.3.14

This software gives you the ability to back up and store them on a Cloud server.

iDrive for Android was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
Despite the popularity of USB storage devices, some prefer to store their files online so that they can be accessed from any computer.

IDrive Online Backup is software for backing up and synchronizing data across all your devices while ensuring privacy.

IDrive online backup has a data encryption system that provides an optimal level of protection.

The service offers free storage up to 5GB in the cloud to store any type of file. So you can use it to back up or even share files between different computers.

Provides the ability to back up a directory or an entire disk. When you change or change the data, it is automatically synchronized. On the other hand, you have access to the history of all changes, thanks to the backup system.

In conclusion, IDrive is a good alternative for online backup when you dont have a USB key at hand. You can back up multiple devices to a single account and sync files across all devices to access your data from anywhere.
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- Hardware: Samsung Galaxy A20s
- Android 10
* Multiple Device Backup : We built IDrive to backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account. In addition, data from mapped drives can also be backed up.

* Online File Sync : Your files and folders will be synced in real time across all the devices that you link using IDrive. Sync storage does not impact your backup storage, and matches your backup storage limit.

* IDrive Express : Quick backup and retrieval of your data in less than a week via physical storage shipment, ensuring no bandwidth usage.

* IDrive Snapshots : Historical view of your data to perform point-in-time recovery thus protecting you against ransomware threats.

* Manage Computers : Web-based console helps you manage data backups, restores, application settings and more, on your far-away computers.

* Disk Image Backup : Backup entire drive including OS, settings, programs, files/folders, with contents and information structure intact.

* Security and Privacy : Transfer and store your files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

* Fast Fast Fast! : Incremental and compressed backups will ease your network bandwidth by transferring the modified portions of a file.

* Real Time Backup : IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of files and backs them up in real-time.
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+ iDrive has been in our software catalog since May 25.2020.
+ The current version is 4.3.14 updated to Mar 20.2021.
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