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7 hours agoVersion: 2020.08.04
A simple application that allows you to convert units of measure through various calculations.
Frink for Android was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

Frink for Android is a computing application and programming language, and in addition to basic calculations, you can quickly and easily convert measurements from one unit to another that are very useful in the real world.

Frink for Android is portable and does not require pre-installation in Windows, but a recent version of Java is required to launch the program.

Frink for Android comes with a minimalist interface with a clean look, which makes it easy to manage by all users. The interface consists of the main window in which your results are displayed, and two fields 'From' and 'To' in which you enter your calculation data to perform the conversion of measurements.

In addition to the simple calculations you can do, with Frink for Android you can enter programming lines and then run them. Open the programming editor with 'Ctrl + P', and then at the bottom of the main window you can run the code, save it or open another file with programming lines.

Sample programming codes

You can also change the font size, change the data entry mode by choosing Multi-Line or One-Line, and save the history of various operations.

In conclusion, it is a very interesting mathematical calculation application, which can be very helpful in the real world.

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- Frink for Android has been in our software catalog since Jun 12.2020 and has reached 9 downloads.
- The current version is 2020.08.04 and has been updated to Aug 07.2020.

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