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Cozy Drive for Android

Feb 18.2021Version: 1.28.0

A handy file management software that allows you to centralize all the information you need.

Cozy Drive for Android was reviewed by Ionut Tutica
Cozy Drive for Android is a synchronization and manager application for folders and files stored in the cloud. This software allows you to centralize stored content across most cloud spaces and online user profiles.

Cozy Drive for Android offers users a decentralized and secure cloud storage space that allows you to retrieve information through its connectors (photos, bank account statements, operator invoices, e-merchants, etc.). This private and customizable environment is accessible from any device. In addition to storage, this software gives users access to easy-to-use applications to automatically manage and organize their data.

Remember that the free version offers 5GB of storage space in the cloud, for more space see the developers page where you can choose the offer that suits you.

The sync support built into Cozy Drive for Android allows you to access different spaces on any device connected to the Internet. You are free to download them manually to see them offline later.
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- Hardware: Samsung Galaxy A20s
- Android 10
* The all-in-one personal data banking application to better manage and control your money
* Breathe! All your documents are backed up, secured, synchronized and shared whenever you want!
* Never forget a password again. Cozy Pass fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them.
More information
+ Cozy Drive has been in our software catalog since Feb 18.2021.
+ The current version is 1.28.0 updated to Feb 18.2021.
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