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HARDWAREThe first encrypted NVMe portable SSD that unlocks with your smartphone.TECHNOLOGYSamsung introduces the Premiere LSP9T, an Ultra HD 4K laser projectorSOFTWAREYou can now watch Netflix movies and series without a subscriptionPHONESWhat are the changes between the two models, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 VS Fold
The SONY company announces that PS5 will be launched in NovemberTECHNOLOGYCinemaX P2 a 4K laser projector with integrated soundbar from OptomaSCIENCEInternet via space, Starlink, could exceed 100 Mbit/s
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Kdenlive is a video editing and editing software adapted for all levels of users, both for beginners and professionals. This software is based on many other open source projects, such as FFmpeg or frei0r and has a number of complex ...
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